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Pond liners and heavyweight underlayments are a necessity when constructing your water garden. Flexible pond liners allow you to create a pond of any size or shape. When choosing a liner it is always best to choose a liner that is larger than what you think you need to allow for the flex as the liner fills in irregular shapes of the hole that has been dug for it. It is best to dig your pond before buying your liner. This will allow you to get exact measurements so that your pond liner will fit the size of the pond.

Firestone PondGard Liner 100

Firestone PondGard Liner

Firestone Pond Liners are by far the best on the market.
Pros: Very durable.
Cons: Very Heavy to lift. Larger sizes almost need two people to carry.
I have tried several different manufacturers of Pond liners. Most of the rest I have had issues with the liner leaking. I have never had an issue with the Firestone 45 mil liners. I highly recommen...