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PetSolutions 14-Day Livestock Guarantee

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Our 14-Day Guarantee ensures all of the fish, plants, and invertebrates we sell are guaranteed to arrive alive and remain alive for 14 days from the date of delivery. We will either credit the original purchase price of the item back to the customer's PetSolutions account or refund the amount back to the customer's credit card. The 14-Day Guarantee is our promise to you that only the best is shipped to your door. In doing so, we supply you the knowledge, quality product, and reliable shipping in supporting our 14-Day Guarantee. In the unfortunate event of a loss, please keep the remains of the item and contact our customer service representatives right away for specific instructions. You may be asked to email [email protected] with your PO # and pictures of the lost fish.


John Flynn, Live Deliveries Manager

Providing you with resources and information to help you make the right purchasing and care-giving choices for your aquatic pets. We have created our Tried & Trusted Acclimation Procedure in order to provide a guide for getting your fish settled into their new home. We strongly recommend you read this guide, included with your order, before unpacking your fish from our boxes.



Our goal at PetSolutions is to provide you with the best possible online buying experience for live items. We use our years of experience to bring you the rarest and finest corals, invertebrates, and fish. Order now to experience the quality that thousands of other aquarists have come to count on.


Packed Live Items

Our shipments are packed using superior packing materials available to help assure safe delivery. We are dedicated in being the best, by using our many years of experience of high quality packing, top quality livestock, and outstanding after sale support backed up by our live guarantee.