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UV Pond Sterilizers

UV pond sterilizers can be very beneficial in preventing and reducing the amount of algae and green water in your pond. They will also assist in ensuring your water stays crystal clear throughout the year. UV clarifiers are a great addition to enhance your filtration, and are easy to install. Sterilizers contain a UV bulb that will eliminate disease causing pathogens, and parasites that can harm your fish. UV bulbs should be replaced every 12 months, since they lose their effectiveness over time.

Pondmaster Supreme Submersible Sterilizers 100

Pondmaster Supreme Submersible Sterilizers

Wish I would have done this years ago
Pros: Works great
Cons: None
After several years of fighting algae, I killed my fish chemically (used same product, bought more this year but did not read label. They doubled the strength of it, so I over dosed) After one wee...