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UV Aquarium Bulbs

One of the best tools in the fight against green water is the use of an Ultraviolet Sterilizer to kill the algae as it passing through the unit. Sterilizers are also used to control bacterial infections. The key to success is ensuring that the UV bulb is producing a high enough output to produce the kill dose required to eliminate the algae/bacteria. In most applications the UV bulb is good for 9 to 12 months and then will need replaced. Most brands are universal; all 9W UV bulbs should be the same size, etc.

Replacement Submariner Bulb & Sponge 100

Replacement Submariner Bulb & Sponge

Has to be 1 of the Best
Pros: Easy to use/assemble, keeps tank clean
Cons: Bulky
I recently got the 13 watt version for Christmas. I used it for a couple of weeks on my 75 gallon FOWLR tank and noticed great results and I will be ordering one for it. I am now using it on my 150 FO...