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Dog training can cover a wide variety of training actions. In the dog world, there are both agility training and behavior training. Agility training tends to be more fun, working with your dog to move his way through a course of weave poles, tunnels, and slides. Behavior training works on getting your dog to listen and follow your commands. Behavior training can encompass anything from the typical "sit" or "stay" to potty training. Behavior training can use different training aids, like a dog whistle, dog repellent, bark collars, and other training products.

Puppy Essentials — Training Pads for Puppies & Adult Dogs 100

Puppy Essentials — Training Pads for Puppies & Adult Dogs

Great pads
Pros: Absorbs urine & any odors
Cons: Price
Use this for my Shitzu and haven't had any problem with them. I set up 2 trays that hold the pads in place. She is 5 yrs now and still use them. In fact she comes to tell me she has used them and I n...