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Staple food is a balanced food which is meant to be fed to carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores as a part of their normal daily diet. This food is a jack of all trades but a master of none, so specialized foods should also still be given to your fish. Floating, sinking and flake are all formulas commonly available in staple food. Like the specialized carnivore and herbivore foods, staple food is vitamin enhanced in order to provide your fish with as much nutrition as possible in each bite. Dry fish food is sometimes better accepted by fish if it is pre-soaked for a few seconds in water from the aquarium before the food is fed to the fish.

TetraMin Tropical Crisps Fish Food 100

TetraMin Tropical Crisps Fish Food

One of the best and 6.35 oz for about 12 is a good deal
Pros: Never clouds my tanks , every fish or shrimp I keep will eat these
Cons: With bigger fish like you will have to be generous with the flakes to make sure everyone at least get some
All of my fish love these even my bigger fish ( just have to be a little heavy handed which is fine if u have 6:35 oz) they will demolish this as soon as it starts hitting the surface.... yeah I know ...