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Sponge Aquarium Filters for Sale Online

A sponge filter is the most basic of biological and mechanical filtration. It is a sponge wrapped around a pipe with holes in it that is hooked up to an air pump. The aquarium sponge filter is most often used in a small aquarium, often that aquarium is used temporarily as a quarantine tank for fish or as a breeding tank. This type of filter is not traditionally used on larger aquariums with full stock levels because it is not very efficient at what it does when it comes to large amounts of waste. It is used in quarantine and breeding tanks because these sponge filters do not suck up baby fish.

Bio Foam Sponge Aquarium Filters 100

Bio Foam Sponge Aquarium Filters

Great filter!
I'm really happy with this sponge filter. Great quality and easy to install. I use it in a tank for cherry shrimp and it works perfectly for them.