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Soft & Plush Dog Toys

Most dogs cannot resist anything that feels soft and plush. This is very true when it comes to toys, especially if there are squeakers involved! A plush dog toy provides your pup with a security object, an imaginative thing to "hunt," or a great noise-maker. Some of the most popular stuffed toys are the toy hedgehog, hugglehounds for tough chewers, and stuffing-less skinneez. Some dogs leave their plush toys intact, while others rip their soft toys apart the instant they get them, which is part of the reason skinneez were invented. Wherever your dog falls, be assured he loves his plush toys.

Hedgehog Dog Toys 100

Hedgehog Dog Toys

A favorite toy
My Coton adores the hedgehogs. Al sizes. She squeaks, throws, chases and sleeps with them, and then she pulls their noses and eyes off, pulls the stuffing and squeakers out and then plays with the s...