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Small Pet Vitamins & Supplements

Small animals sometimes need vitamins & supplements not present in their daily diet. Multi-vitamins provide extra nutrition essential to proper growth & care for your small pet, such as extra Vitamin C that guinea pigs need. Liquid vitamins are easy to administer by adding to your small pet's water. Small pets may also need supplements to help build their calorie intake. Calorie boosters provide nutrients for picky eaters or those that are sick. Other supplements can help prevent hairball problems caused by self-grooming. Take care of your little pet by giving her the extra nutrition needed for proper health & happiness.

Mini Flavored Salt Savors Small Pet Chew Treats 100

Mini Flavored Salt Savors Small Pet Chew Treats

Fun colors
Pros: They do the job
Cons: none
Love the colors, hamsters are chewing I am good with the product.