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Giving treats to your small pet has many benefits beyond the obvious. Treats that are specifically made for a small animal are usually harder than his usual food, which allows him to grind down his teeth naturally, instead of using the bars of his cage. Treats also provide a variation in your little pet's normal diet, with the addition of goodies like yogurt dipped fruits, timothy hay, or even snak shaks. They can be used to prevent boredom or even as a tool to teach a new trick. Even with all the other benefits, small pets love treats for the same obvious reasons we do - they taste great!

Combo Chew Puzzle 16 pieces 100

Combo Chew Puzzle 16 pieces

Great for hamsters
Pros: My hamster loves them
Cons: None
My hamster started chewing it right when I put it in his cage ,so seems to be enjoying this new toy. Will be buying more.