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Pet toys are not just for dogs and cats. Little pets need toys just as much to provide exercise and mental stimulation. Toys for small animals also help with grooming, as many toys help wear down teeth or claws. Some popular toys for small pets include feeding balls, running wheels, tunneling toys, exercise balls, and toys to nibble on. Make sure to research which toys are the best choices for your small pet, as some pets have different needs than others. Keep your small pet entertained and active in a positive way with a variety of toys made just for them.

Bristle Bunches Chew Treats 100

Bristle Bunches Chew Treats

My Guinea Pigs love this toy!
I put this in my gp's cage and they right away started chewing on it. Its really big so wouldn't recommend it for smaller animals like hamsters. It is really cute watching them roll this around the ca...