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Small Pet Supplies

Small Pet Grooming Supplies

Grooming your small pet should be an important part of your maintenance routine. Little pets need their nails trimmed and bodies bathed just like a dog or cat. Grooming your guinea pig, chinchilla, hamster, or other small pet is easy when you have the right products. Research grooming care to know what your little pet needs in regards to care. For example, grooming for a chinchilla includes providing a bath house and chinchilla dust, while grooming a guinea pig includes bathing with shampoo and a nail trim.

Chinchilla Bath House 100

Chinchilla Bath House

Great for rats
Cute little house, and I like that I can hang it inside the cage instead of it just sitting on the floor. I just throw some fleece inside it and they're good to go. My only negative: I didn't get to c...