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Each small pet has special dietary needs to ensure proper nutrition and prevent health problems. For example, hamster feed differs greatly from the food guinea pigs can eat. Different brands of small pet food also offer different benefits. Zupreem offers food that is formulated in a different manner than Kaytee. Path Valley Farm offers food specially formatted for ferrets, so it would be a bad idea to feed it to your sugar glider. It is important to give your small pet the food that is created specifically for them to avoid malnutrition and illness. Your critter will love you for feeding him the foods he loves.

Kaytee Supreme Fortified Daily Diet Guinea Pig Food 100

Kaytee Supreme Fortified Daily Diet Guinea Pig Food

Great Price
Pros: Price and size of bag
Cons: None
I have 8 guinea pigs and buying gp food can get expensive and this is the cheapest I've found it with this size. It lasts a long time,because of it(the size) and my gp's seem to love this food.