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Small Pet Supplies

Small Pet Cages for Your Little Critter

Deciding on the right cage, playpen, or hutch for your small pet can depend greatly on what kind of animal you have and how you wish to use the containing area. Cages are great for indoor housing, while hutches are made for small pets that may wish to live outside. Playpens are great for indoors and out, as your small pet needs a place to run around and stretch their legs. Chinchillas, ferrets, guinea pigs, and hamsters will probably live indoors, so a cage would be great for them. Rabbits can live inside or out, so you can choose a cage or a hutch. Playpens are perfect for all small pets.

Kritter Keeper 100

Kritter Keeper

Kritter Keeper
Pros: Easy to clean
Cons: Kind of small
I have purchased all sizes of the Kritter Keeper, the small is great for temporary housing while cleaning out the permanat home of your pet. The medium is good for travel if you are taking your small ...