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Canaries, Finches, and Parakeets Cages

Parakeets, Finches, and Canaries are small birds so they typically do not require a very large cage by necessity but it is very beneficial to provide them with a cage that has plenty of space for movement. Finches especially benefit from specialized cages such as a flight cage, which gives these tiny birds the room to make short flights up and down or side to side in the habitat. Parakeets can also benefit from a larger flight cage as well, so that they may stretch out their wings and get exercise but typically a finch is the first bird that comes to mind for a flight cage.

Medium Vision Pet Bird Cages 100

Medium Vision Pet Bird Cages

Wonderful cage
Pros: Easy to clean, great habitat
Cons: None so far
Have 2 of these, one for parakeet and one for half moon conure. Both enjoy the cage. The budgie has room to hop and flap, and the conure climbs all over. The food guards are fabulously designed an...