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Bedding & Litter for Small Pets

Finding the perfect small pet bedding can be confusing. With all the litter choices on the market, it is important to research the best option for your little pet. Small animal litter comes in two forms: contact (bedding set directly in the cage) and non-contact (bedding placed in a tray under the cage). Chinchillas prefer dust, pine or other wood shavings bedding can be used for under the cage, and recycled paper can be used in the cage. Whatever you choose, make sure your small pet will be comfy, dry, and happy.

Fresh World Bedding for Small Pets 100

Fresh World Bedding for Small Pets

Pros: Lasts long, super absorbent, fresh smell
Cons: NONE!
This bedding is awesome! It has drastically increased the time between bedding changes. A little goes a long way and it fluffs up so only a little is needed.