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Reptile vitamin and health supplements each serve a unique and specific function. Products like Dr. Turtle and Vita Shell are for use only with turtles and tortoises. While other reptile vitamins and supplements, along with products like ReptiSafe are all for use across multiple types of reptiles and amphibians. Calcium supplements are absolutely critical for many reptiles who do not get enough from their own food, such as iguanas. If a calcium supplement is not used when feeding iguanas, they will become very ill and eventually may die.

Fluker's Reptile Vitamin 100

Fluker’s Reptile Vitamin

Leopard Geckos thrive on this
Pros: More than a calcium supplement
Cons: none
I got my Leopard Geckos in Sept. 1996. My feed has been mealworms dusted only with Fluker's Repta-Vitamin supplement. Occasionally I will feed wax worms dusted also. This Sept. will be 18 years so som...