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Reptile Thermometers & Hygrometers

Maintaining proper heat and humidity in a terrarium or vivarium is of great importance in maintaining the health of your animal. A reptile thermometer on a habitat will help you be certain conditions are optimal, regardless of whether it is digital or mechanical. Hygrometers determine the humidity inside of a habitat, which is very important when housing tropical jungle loving animals. A hygrometer will also indicate if there is too much humidity for a desert dwelling animal, and if the ventilation should be increased to help drop that humidity and make the animal more comfortable.

Liquid Crystal Thermometer 100

Liquid Crystal Thermometer

Simple, accurate, attractive....
Thermometer applied easily, looks decent (we put it on the side of our tank), seems to be accurate when compared against two other thermometers. What more could you ask for? (We did not try to move ...