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Reptile Substrate

Choosing the proper reptile substrate for snakes and lizards is not just a matter of appearance, but it is a matter of safety and survival. Using sand with an animal that is too young, or too small may end up causing its death from blockages of nasal cavity. Other substrates such as coconut bark are designed for use in high humidity or always wet applications, since it doesn't mold or mildew with the constant wetness. Yet other substrates for reptiles are designed for breeding purposes, to hatch eggs.

Excavator Clay Burrowing Reptile Substrate 100

Excavator Clay Burrowing Reptile Substrate

Bearded dragon setup
Pros: Dries hard and easy for lizards to dig burrows
Cons: Need to follow instructions for best results
First time user and in love with this substrate. I used this in addition to the Exo Terra sand mat. The sand sits at the base and is actually where the lizards do their bathroom duties. If set up p...