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A reptile terrarium or vivarium setup should be researched carefully, beginning with the size and construction type of the habitat. Whether the reptile cage will be made of a screen material, or whether it will be a combination of glass and screen as the exo terra terrariums are, the most important thing is to try matching the habitat to the animal. Hermit crabs do not require very much room at all, but if they can be given more space than they require then the crab will have the opportunity to show some of its more interesting behaviors. The same is true of other animals.

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrariums 100

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrariums

Perfect terrarium
Pros: Spacious, well built, great for a gecko
Cons: None
Great terrarium for my adult crested gecko. I was hessistant whether to get the 18x18x18 or the 8x18x24, but 18 is very spacious. I big upgrade over his 12x12x18. the single door operates well and ...