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One of the best applications for internal filters is in the world of semi-aquatic reptiles, amphibians, and aquatic turtles. Submersible filters work well for these types of habitats because the aquarium or habitat does not need to be full for them to function. These filters, such as Cascade internal filters or canister filters, can be used in the building of a semi-aquatic habitat, where half is land and half is water, or it can be used in entirely aquatic setups, such as those used for red eared slider turtles. Even with a filter, habitats still need to have water changed on a regular basis.

Fluval U Internal Aquarium Filters 100

Fluval U Internal Aquarium Filters

Fluval U2 Internal Filters
Pros: Easy media to insert & clean
Cons: Bottom of filter is hard to press open for arthritic hands
I have 3 of these filters in service. Really keeps water waste and foods sucked up. Does not harm baby or smaller fish as other do. Maintenance free, just clean and change media every 2 - 4 weeks de...