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Puppy & Senior Dog Diapers & Sanitary Pads

From puppies to seniors, dogs sometimes need dog diapers. Diapers can be used with puppies until they have been housebroken. Diapers may be needed if your adult or senior dog has problems with excitable urination or incontinence issues. Female dog diapers are also great protection for females when they are in heat to protect your rugs, carpets, or furniture. You can even wrap diapers on male dogs to prevent male marking issues. Diapers for dogs are available in both disposable for washable formats, with replacement liners available for the washable diapers.

Simple Solution Light Duty Liners 100

Simple Solution Light Duty Liners

male diaper holder
Pros: easy to use, holds well
Cons: none
I am buying more of this model for my tiny toy poodle. This one holds the best, the Velcro seems to be stronger than others.