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Wee Wee Pads for Puppy Dog Housebreaking & Incontinence

Wee wee pads or training pads help your dog go to the bathroom with dignity. Piddle pads are a great solution if you have puppies that are being housebroken, indoor or senior dogs, or pets that are ill and cannot make it out to relieve themselves. These pee pads are odor-controlled and can soak up a large amount of liquid without damaging your floor. For housebreaking, training pads have special attractants that help you train your pup where to use the bathroom. PetSolutions carries popular brands, such as Four Paws, Simple Solution, and Nature's Miracle, so you get the best wee wee pads for your dog.

Essentials Puppy XL Training Pads 100

Essentials Puppy XL Training Pads

Best one!
Pros: Soaks up an amazing amount of liquid.
Cons: Only con is if the dog misses the pee pad!
Love this product, and I have tried many many brands! Has a gel inside like baby disposable diapers. When you pick it up it's heavy with what it soaked up. No run off unless dog misses! Well worth the...