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Wheat Germ Foods for Pond Fish

When the temperature of your pond water begins to get cold in the fall and winter, you will want to switch the pond fish to a wheat germ based diet, which is high in carbohydrates, lower in protein. Wheat germ sticks and pellet foods are more easily digested than regular foods at the lower temperatures. You should begin feeding wheat germ foods when the temperature of the pond water is below 70 degrees. After the temperature drops below 45 degrees, you can stop feeding the fish until spring.

Blackwater Cool Season Koi & Goldfish Food 100

Blackwater Cool Season Koi & Goldfish Food

best food ever
Pros: has garlic in it already
Cons: none
This food for the price has krill and plant protein and garlic in it and that adds to the winter heath of your fish.It also has fish oil and lots of vitamins in it .My other food did not have garli...