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Pond Staple Fish Foods

Staple pond food provides the necessary nutrients for koi and other pond fish, this food is the daily food fed to most pond fish. These foods are fed during the summer months are high in protein. The higher level of protein is required because the warmer water increases the metabolism of the fish. Your koi and fish will grow quicker and stay healthier with a high protein diet. Staple foods come in the form of pellet of varying sizes. You can choose from different sizes based on the size of your fish.

Blackwater Color Enhancing Fish Food 100

Blackwater Color Enhancing Fish Food

great food
Pros: healthy
Cons: none
I read the ingredients and compared them to my old food which had lots of fillers in it and gluten .I can't wait now for summer to come to try it out .The other food i used was 30 dollars for a 3 lb b...