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Mosquito & Pest Control by Ponds

Mosquito and pest control for ponds and water gardens. Nothing can be more frustrating for a pond owner the wildlife pests that cause harm to a pond. From Blue Herons and raccoons eating your koi and fish to mosquitoes swarming your pond, these pests can be an annoyance to you and your pond. We offer deterrent decorations, as well as motion water sprayers to help keep unwanted predators away. Traps can also be used for trapping an animal and taking it to a wooded area for release. Mosquito's can be controlled by putting special insecticides directly in the pond water.

Quick-Kill Mosquito Bits 100

Quick-Kill Mosquito Bits

Mosquito killer
Pros: Works great safe for fish
As i said I had a mosquito problem until I used the mosquito dunks and the quick-kill mosquito bits to control the pesky insects. After using these products I can enjoy being by my pond.