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Pond Filter Media

To ensure a clean and healthy pond, there are three types of filter media that should be used: biological, chemical and mechanical. Biological media will help break down and remove sludge, waste and remove ammonia and nitrites. Chemical filter media will remove unsightly discoloration and harmful organic substances, while eliminating foul odors. Mechanical filter media will trap debris and particles that are in pond water. Pond filter media should be replaced monthly to ensure your water garden remains healthy.

Marineland White Diamond 100

Marineland White Diamond

Pros: Never have ammonia problems in my 75.
Cons: Wish I could get a larger container.
Ammonia absorbant is very important in aquariums. I run two Emperor 400's in my 75 gallon fresh water. Each filter has two refillable carbon or ammonia absorbent chambers. Two chambers get pelletized...