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LifeGuard Aquatics Pond Filtration & Circulation

Pond filters and pond pumps are essential in maintaining a healthy, clean, clear pond or water garden. Pond filters can be placed inside the pond (submersible filters), or outside the pond (external filters). Pond pumps can be used to push water through the filter, or to make a water fall, operate a fountain, or for simple water circulation and oxygenation of the pond. We offer a wide selection of internal and external filters and water pumps that is sure to meet the needs of your pond or water garden.

Seahorse Self Priming Pumps 100

Seahorse Self Priming Pumps

This pump is awesome and quiet
Pros: powerful
Cons: big
I got this product for a pond and is great has some awesome power. The only thing that I can point is that needs to be in a casing were doesn't get wet.