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Fish Mate Pond Filtration & Circulation

Pond filters and pond pumps are essential in maintaining a healthy, clean, clear pond or water garden. Pond filters can be placed inside the pond (submersible filters), or outside the pond (external filters). Pond pumps can be used to push water through the filter, or to make a water fall, operate a fountain, or for simple water circulation and oxygenation of the pond. We offer a wide selection of internal and external filters and water pumps that is sure to meet the needs of your pond or water garden.

Fish Mate Pressurized UV + Bio Pond Filters 100

Fish Mate Pressurized UV + Bio Pond Filters

Clear Pond Water
Pros: Easy access to filter
Cons: could use a longer cord
I was given one uv+bio pond filter as a gift. My water was dark green, using this filter cleared it within a short amount of time. All my pond lilies, plants and fish are thriving because of the filte...