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Fish Mate Pressurized Bio Pond Filter

Fish Mate Pressurized Bio Pond Filter

Fish Mate 174.99
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3000 Filter

Fish Mate Pressurized Bio Pond Filters offer powerful three stage filtration for optimal pond water quality and healthier fish. Pond filters can be installed under ground or placed on a firm surface above ground. The lid locks with a clamp for easy maintenance and access through the top of the filter. Each pond filter was designed and colored green to blend with natural surroundings. Pond filters include Supra filter media.

*The 30000 Model features the patented self-cleaning Powerclenz system that is unique in that by twisting a knob the filter automatically cleans itself. In the run positions, incoming water undergoes a 3-stage purification process. In the "CLEAN" position the foam will be squeezed by up to 1000 lb. force through water pressure forcing out pond sludge which may then be used elsewhere in the garden as a fertilizer.

Model GPH Pond Size Inlet/Outlet Dimensions
3000 650 - 2000 1500 gallons 3/4"; - 1 1/4" 11" x 17"
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