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Pond Barley: Natural Pond Algae Control

Barley products offer a natural way to reduce and prevent nuisance algae in your pond, while also ensuring ponds maintain a good water quality and clarity. Barley is available as a loose bale, small pads, concentrated pellet, or a liquid concentrate. Barley straw can simply be put in a mesh media bag and then placed directly in the pond. Barley pellets can be placed inside a filter system or at the base of a waterfall. Liquid barley is added directly to the pond on a regular basis. With minimal effort, this simple, all-natural algae control system can enhance your enjoyment of the pond.

Barley Straw Planter for Non-Submerged Pond Plants 100

Barley Straw Planter for Non-Submerged Pond Plants

Attractive and Efficient barley straw planter
Pros: works great does double duty
This planter works great in my pond and does double duty while acting as a planter for my pond plants.