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Pond Algaecides

Pond algaecides are an effective way to prevent and control algae from building in your pond. Algaecides come in the form of liquids, granules and blocks. Before selecting an algaecide, identify the problem that needs corrected, then choose the product to best fits your needs. Some algaecides are meant to clear green water, some are formulated to prevent green and cloudy water, and some are designed to use on rocks, waterfalls, and other surfaces. Algaecides provide you with an easy way to maintain a clean, healthy, algae-free pond, so that you can spend your time enjoying and not cleaning.

PondCare Microbial Algae Clean 100

PondCare Microbial Algae Clean

Totally Works
Pros: Natural, Completely Safe for Fish & Plants
Cons: Slow but steady results (really not much of a con)
Our pond had been green for over a year. It seemed like we must have had every type of algae growing in our pond. We tried every single item on the market trying to get rid of the algae but nothing ...