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Pond Aeration

During the height of the Summer months, the water temperature in your pond can reach high enough levels to lower the oxygen content of the water. A simple, safe solution for this problem for your fish is to use a pond aerator to introduce water currents from the bottom of the pond to the top. This will prevent the depths where the fish are most likely to be from becoming depleted of oxygen. Pond aerators are usually rated with deeper capacity (higher P.S.I.) and higher volume capacities than air pumps for aquariums. Some aeration models are designed to run multiple air stones at the same time.

PondMaster Deep Water Air Pump 100

PondMaster Deep Water Air Pump

Lasted 3 + years so far & going stong.
Pros: strong durable dependable.
Cons: a little noisy but that comes with any powerful air supply.
The AP-40 Lasted 3 + years so far and is going stong. Also bought an AP-60 to aerate my ponds two years ago and it is outside & also doing well. Both are very powerful. Have them hooked to a battery b...