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Pet Bird Pinata Toys

A bird pinata is simply a small version of the full sized pinata popular at children's birthday parties and special events. The pinata can be filled with a variety of bird treats, food, and toys which are the reward when the bird manages to work its way through the pinata toy. These pinatas are bright and colorful, and are available in many traditional shapes and colors as well as bird specific shapes. These toys are made of materials which are completely bird safe, and they must be filled by you before being added to the cage.

Mini Penguin Bird Toy 100

Mini Penguin Bird Toy

My bird loved this!
Pros: Safe, Fun, Stimulating, Entertaining, Colorful
Cons: Destroys rapidly
It takes less than a week for our bird to destroy the mini pinatas, but it is worth it to see the enjoyment he has doing it.