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Hagen Pet Bird Treats

Bird treats are meant to be used for varying the diet of your bird by giving them an occasional treat that is not normally a part of their daily diet. Millet spray, treat egg biscuits, treat sticks, and yogurt treats are all a part of the normal types of treats fed to birds. Additionally treats like cooked pasta, fruit and vegetables should also be offered as treats. These treats can be used for training your parakeet, cockatiel, or parrot but they can also be given to a bird "just because" rather than as a reward.

Living World All Purpose Holder for Bird Cages 100

Living World All Purpose Holder for Bird Cages

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Pros: Fit securely; do not corrode; can by washed numerous times; can hold almost any fruit or vegetable.
Cons: Hard to find - even at Pet Solutions website. Must enter 4-5 searches before it pops up.
These clips are perfect for my Quaker and Meyers parrots. I use them constantly for pieces of apple, zucchini, broccoli flowerets, whole or half cherries, rye bread or flat bread, etc. Almost any fo...