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Bird Food, from Pellets to Seeds

Bird food for pet birds can be a seed based diet or an extruded pellet diet. Seed diets tend to be a less complete bird food nutritionally, as birds pick out pieces they want and leave pieces they do not want behind. This is a bit like a child not wanting to eat his vegetables. If a bird is converted over to a pelleted bird food, each pellet is nutritionally complete. Even if the entire pellet is not eaten and the bird moves on to another one, he is getting equal nutrition. Additionally, a pelleted diet does not leave behind messy seed husks. Try each type of bird food to see what diet works best for your pet bird!

Zupreem Natural Medium/Large Parrot Food 100

Zupreem Natural Medium/Large Parrot Food

My cockatoo loves this.
Zoey my cockatoo eats this right up. I mix it with her vegetables and fruits.