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Small Parrot Food for Pet Birds

Parrot food for small to medium parrots include brands like ZuPreem, Kaytee and LaFeber. African Greys, Cockatoos, and Amazons need balanced parrot diets, which are vitamin enriched to maintain the best possible feather, eye, beak and nail health in the parrots that eat it. These strong, intelligent birds make up a large population of the pet birds kept at home, due to their great personality and ability to talk and mimic sounds. Be sure to supplement parrot food with fresh fruits and vegetables, in addition to treats, to provide as much variety as possible.

Higgins Safflower Gold Natural Parrot Food 100

Higgins Safflower Gold Natural Parrot Food

Best bird food in the universe!!
Pros: Has dried fruit and all natural foods
Cons: There is none!!
I've been using this food for years!! It has to be the best bird food out there! No artificial ingredients. If you love your birds feed them this!