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Large Parrot Food for Pet Birds

Large parrots and macaws need parrot food that is large, hard, and chunky due to their enormous beaks meant for crushing and breaking nuts or insects. It is important to provide parrot food developed for large parrots so they can exercise their beaks and the parrot food they eat can help keep their beaks filed down. Kaytee Fiesta diet contains a variety of colors and shapes that will grab a large parrot's attention, encouraging it to explore and taste the treats in its food dish. Like all pet birds, variety is the key to a healthy animal, so fruit and veggies should be supplemented as well.

Higgins Safflower Gold Natural Parrot Food 100

Higgins Safflower Gold Natural Parrot Food

Safflower Gold large macaws and cockatoos
Pros: my macaw has been eating this every day for almost 20 years and we have never ever had any issues with her health. she eats it all and does not throw out the cage
Cons: none
I would definatley recomment this to anybody that has a macaw. It is the best .