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8 in 1 Parakeet Bird Food

Parakeets have food offerings for them much like all other pet birds, with seed based food and pelleted based food which is also known as an extruded diet. Kaytee, ZuPreem, and Lafeber are three of the big names in parakeet food manufacturing, and each of those manufacturers spend many hours researching and testing food formulas and additives in order to work toward perfecting a well balanced diet for your parakeet. Parakeets have a quick metabolism that is similar to finches and canaries, but a bit slower.

Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for Parakeets 100

Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet for Parakeets

My parakeet likes this food
Pros: Full of vitamins and protein
Cons: Has seeds that are too big for a parakeets bill
This mix is my parakeets favorite. It has really been good for him because he is moulting and the new feathers are coming in fine.