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Wild Harvest Other Bird Treats

Nutriberries, avi cakes, nutri-nuts, and many other types of treats can be found in this area of our website. These treats do not fit into any of the more common treat categories due to their unique design or materials used in their creation. With variety being absolutely essential for long term bird health, treats like this are perfect for mixing things up to keep your bird or birds from becoming bored with the same old treat. Your bird will thank you for varying its treats and food by providing you with many years of love.

Wild Harvest Mixed Fruit & Nut Treat 100

Wild Harvest Mixed Fruit & Nut Treat

My Chickens Luv It!
I have bantam chickens so they aren't as into the chicken treat mixes that are more appropriate for birds 4 to 6 times their size. They love this stuff. I was in the pet section of Walmart and was all...