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Mynah & Softbills Bird Food

Toucans and Mynah birds have large and imposing looking beaks which can be very intimidating to the uninitiated pet bird enthusiast. These birds are referred to as softbills for a reason, in that you can put a finger out for a Toucan to chomp down on and it doesn't hurt a bit even with that big beak. These birds will swallow their food whole, so it is important they are provided with the appropriate nutrition for good health. Softbills should also be offered fruit regularly as a part of their diet, in order to increase the variety of food they receive.

Quiko Egg Food Bird Diets 100

Quiko Egg Food Bird Diets

Quiko egg food
Pros: My birds love it
Cons: None
All my birds, finches and grasskeets love this food, dry or wet.