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Betta tank decorations are small scale so that they can fit into the small habitats many betta owners keep their fish in. Betta decorations are strictly just for looks, since bettas don't really need them for anything. Freshwater aquarium gravel is decorative, but also provides a place for bacteria to grow, which will help break down waste produced by the fish in the aquarium. Larger decorative aquarium rocks can also be used in decorating the aquarium, which will also provide cover for the fish in addition to looking nice.

Reef Rock 100

Reef Rock

Great value
Pros: stacks well, don't have to worry about it being toxic, very large
Cons: if I had to pick something I would say it's very white, however, with sand it blends well
I put together a Cichlid tank and knew I need to build caves so read the reviews and purchased this rock. Very easy to stack, lots of nooks and crannies for my fish. The only negative that stood out w...