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Trace Elements Aquarium Supplements

Marine trace elements are elements which are found in saltwater at very low levels. These elements are depleted quickly in a closed aquarium system, as they are taken up by corals and micro organisms. While not significant elements like calcium and iodine for example, these micro nutrients are still important in providing a complete solution for aquarium residents. Typically trace elements are found in a liquid form, as to make the dosing as easy as possible. Trace element addition isn't absolutely necessary, but in a reef tank they are especially beneficial.

Essential Elements 100

Essential Elements

I use this in all my salt water tanks. I own a 250 gal Marine LRLF soft coral tank, a 75gal African Cichlid tank, 55gal blackwater tank, 55gal brackish tank, 29 gal marine quarantine tank, 29 tropical...