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Instant Baby Brine Shrimp

Instant Baby Brine Shrimp


Ocean Nutrition Instant Baby Brine Shrimp is ideal for delicate fish, fish fry and as food for invertebrates.This freshly hatched Artemia is identical in use and appearance to freshly hatched Baby Brine Shrimp, but the hatching and separation has already been done. Instant Baby Brine Shrimp has excellent buoyancy, so the food remains in the water longer to facilitate feeding. Will not cloud water. For marine or freshwater fish. 0.7 oz.

Directions for Use

  1. This product can be stored indefinitely at normal room temperature as long as the jar has not been opened.
  2. Cap should make a popping noise when seal is broken.
  3. Best if used before the date mentioned on the stamp.
  4. Use within 6 weeks after opening.
  5. Keep jar closed and refrigerated when not in use.
  6. Fish should be fed two to three times a day.
  7. Only feed the amount that your fish will consume in five minutes.
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