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Bumblebee Walking ToadBumblebee Walking Toad
  • Bumblebee Walking Toad
  • Bumblebee Walking Toad
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Bumblebee Walking Toad

Scientific Name: Melanophryniscus stelzneri
Recommended Habitat Size: 5 gallon aquarium/equivalent or larger

Humidity for the beautiful, easy to care for Bumblebee Walking Toads should be kept between 60 and 80 percent, and this is a very important range to maintain. These toads are native to South America, and they are active during the day so they provide a great deal of interest and entertainment keeping the same schedule as their owner. These amphibians live up to their name by walking and crawling rather than bouncing along as many frogs do. They can swim, though water is not their natural element. If setting the walking toad up in a habitat that is partly water, be sure to include plenty of driftwood and rocks for the toads to grab on to if they need to get out of the water. They can climb, but are not the best climbers, preferring to spend their time primarily on the ground. A coconut fiber based substrate works well for these animals, and plenty of hiding places will be appreciated.

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