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Red Sided Skink

Red Sided Skink

These colorful ground dwelling lizards are native to the open forest habitats and rocky steppes of Eastern and Southern Africa. Maximum size: 8" Lighting: Full spectrum fluorescent UV bulbs and a basking light are required. Temperature range: Day 77°-86°F Night 68°-70°F Basking 90°F Food: Crickets and mealworms coated in calcium and vitamin powder. Dark leafy greens and fruits should be offered. We recommend feeding in a separate container without substrate to prevent accidental ingestion of the substrate. Water: A bowl of clean water should always be available. Housing/Habitat: An aquarium equipped with an under tank heating pad at one end, aspen or lizard litter substrate. Landscape to simulate an open forest habitat with rocks and plenty of hiding places. Daily misting the substrate under the hiding places until it is wet should keep them damp.
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