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Tiger Cowrie

Tiger Cowrie

Scientific Name: Cypraea tigris
Ease of Care: Moderate
Approximate Arrival Size: Small: 1 to 2 in.; Medium: 2 to 3 in.; Large: 3 to 4 in.
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Diet: Omnivore
Reef Safe: No

Tiger Cowrie, Cypraea tigris, is a unique creature that can also act as a useful cleaner. The striking shell of the Tiger Cowrie resembles milk glass with some brown spotting. The mantle of the Cowrie, when extended, resembles large white sweeper tentacles and can appear somewhat menacing. Smaller Cowries are basically peaceful and cause no real harm to aquarium inhabitants. Some larger Cowries may choose to express carnivorous traits by eating some anemones (Condylactis sp. seem particularly prone), Mushrooms, Soft Corals, or Sponges. Growing to a maximum potential size around four inches, larger Cowries can tend to upset corals and may be best suited to a fish only aquarium (as long as placed with compatible aquarium mates.) Cowries are more particular than many snails and will likely not thrive in poor water conditions. As with other snails, Cowries are intolerant of medications containing copper. Given good conditions, the Tiger Cowrie can live in the home aquarium for years.

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