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Red Leg Reef Hermit Crab

Red Leg Reef Hermit Crab

Scientific Name: Clibanarius sp.
Ease of Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes

Red Leg Reef Hermit crabs, Clibanarius sp., are native to the Atlantic reefs found bordering the Americas. This crab is also known as a Dwarf Red and Equal-Handed Hermit Crab. Their diet is limited to algae and uneaten foods. Hermit Crabs will spend their time climbing across Live Rock and the substrate in search of their next meal. This species must molt in order to grow. Generally at night, it will leave its shell home, lay on its back, and exit its exoskeleton. A new exoskeleton is excreted and will harden over a period of several hours. The animal is vulnerable at this time and should not be disturbed. These hermit crabs will be small upon arrival and it is suggested that plenty of empty shells be available in the aquarium the crabs are to be housed in so they can trade up to new shells as needed. Please note, hermit crabs are very small, and may range in size from pencil eraser size up to about 1/2 inch size.

Please note: These are aquatic saltwater hermit crabs. They must be kept in an aquarium filled with salt water. They are not pet land hermit crabs.

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