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Buying saltwater invertebrates is often about adding function to your saltwater community aquarium, and helping cut back on human maintenance by letting the inverts do some of the work. Crabs, snails, and starfish can be hard workers in any saltwater tank, as well as fun and interesting. They help remove algae and extra fish food, making the job of owning an aquarium easier. Certainly, many have the added bonus of being beautiful to look at. It is important to never use copper or anti parasitic treatments in an aquarium containing invertebrates unless it is listed as reef safe.

Cleaner Shrimp
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Emerald Crab
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Arrow Crab On Sale!
Arrow Crab
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Save: $1.00
Horseshoe Crab
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Nassarius Snail
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Assorted Carpet Anemone
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Bubble Anemone
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Glass Shrimp
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Blue Tuxedo Pincushion Urchin
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Camel Shrimp
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Cerith Snail
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Algae Away Teams
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