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WC Green Anole

WC Green Anole

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Wild Caught Green Anole
Scientific Name: Anolis carolinensis
Ease of Care: Easy
Approximate Full Size: 6 to 8 inches
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Diet: Crickets, mealworms, wax worms, dusted with vitamin/calcium supplement
Recommended Habitat Size: A securely locking lid is required to keep the anoles from escaping. The bottom of the aquarium should be covered with a jungle mix or orchid bark substrate, landscaped with plants, rocks, and driftwood for basking and climbing. Frequently misting the te

Water: A shallow container of clean water should always be available. Misting twice daily is required to provide water droplets for drinking and the high humidity required.

Temperature range: Night 68-72°F Day 77-86°F Basking 90°F

Life span: 3-6 years

Lighting: Full spectrum fluorescent UV bulbs and a basking light are required.

These arboreal lizards are native to the Southern United States and the Bahamas. They can be kept in groups if provided with plenty of hiding places and only one or two males are kept with several females. Males can be aggressive and should be monitored to avoid any injuries to others in the group.
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